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Super Secrets

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Supposedly, some people lost more weight than others using these super diet secrets (or not so secret, as the case may be):

Cutting out sugary drinks better for weight loss than restricting food - Ask Boots
The people who reduced their 'liquid calories' during the course of the study lost more weight than people who didn't reduce their liquid calories.
Diets That Reduce Calories Lead to Weight Loss, Regardless of Carbohydrate, Protein or Fat Content - February 25, 2009 -2009 Releases - Press Releases - Harvard School of Public Health
Another important finding was that participants who regularly attended counseling sessions lost more weight than those who didn't.
Diabetes Research Summary - People Will Lose More Weight with a Modified Low-carbohydrate Diet than a Low-fat diet - American Diabetes Association
People on the MLC diet lost more weight than the people on the NCEP diet.
Financial Incentives Can Encourage Weight Loss - ABC News
Overweight employees who were paid a small amount lost more weight than those who weren't compensated for their efforts, according to one of the first studies to examine such a strategy at workplaces.
Weight-Loss Drugs More Effective With Lifestyle Change -- Goldfarb 3 (3): 8 -- DOC News
Over a 1-year period, participants who received the combination of medication and group meetings lost more weight than those who had drug or lifestyle changes alone.
Obesity - A Two-Year Randomized Weight Loss Trial Comparing a Vegan Diet to a More Moderate Low-Fat Diet[ast]
Individuals in the vegan group lost more weight than those in the NCEP group at 1 year [ - 4.9 (- 0.5, - 8.0) kg vs. - 1.8 (0.8, - 4.3); p < 0.05] and at 2 years [ - 3.1 (0.0, - 6.0) kg vs. - 0.8 (3.1, - 4.2) kg; p < 0.05] .
Weight Loss - Complementary -
A preliminary study found that people trying to lose weight using a meal-replacement formula containing soy protein lost more weight than a group not using any formula.

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