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8 Fantastic Fibrous Foods

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8 Fantastic Fibrous Foods | Fitness Destinations
Most studies indicate that Americans don’t get nearly enough fiber, especially with the proliferation of processed foods filled with white flour, which is made only from the fiber-less endosperm of the grain, with none of the bran and germ parts of the grain that provide the fiber. In fact, if you read labels, it’s pretty rare to find any prepared food that has more than a gram or two of fiber. It can make you despair if you think about having to get to the 25 to 38 grams you need every day. So how can you get your daily dose of fiber without eating yourself into a coma? There are some fiber-rich superfoods that can help get you to your daily recommended allowance, without the coma.
This article answers the question about how much fiber we should be getting, whether we should be taking fiber pills or dinks to supplement fiber needs, and why we should even be concerned about fiber in the first place. There is also a good list of fibrous foods that could be used to boost the fiber content of meals.

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