Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stress, Cortisol and Weight Gain

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Stress, Cortisol and Weight Gain
A recent survey showed Americans find personal health a much more stressful topic than even a year ago. And what's one of the top stress producers for women? You got it - concerns about weight. What many of us don't realize (and what scientists are just starting to understand) is that dieting, Americans' most common solution to weight concerns, doesn't offer any real answers for the majority of us. Instead, it just confuses the picture by adding more stress that can lead to health risks that have nothing to do with too much body fat. What's more, our reaction to stress very often ends up adding even more pounds - exactly opposite to the effect we're seeking.
This article talks about cortisol, the hormone that the body produces when its under stress. Stress is something I’m very familiar with, and I often wonder if it’s at the root of my weight gain. This article brings up an interesting point: what if the dieting itself is hurting my chances of losing weight because of the inherent stress I put myself through to accomplish the goal? It brings up interesting points, and ones I will need to consider further. It’s a good read, I suggest you check it out!


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