Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Setup

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I have a home gym. A mini one anyway, but sufficient for anything I anticipate I'll need. It consists of:
  1. A weight bench and free weights. This was purchased in like new condition locally for $30 from a personal ad on Craigslist. These things are often on sale at yard sales also. There is really no need to pay full price for one if you can wait for a good deal.
  2. Several bars to use with the weights. I have long bars and wavy bars and small bars that you hold in your hand. I don't know what any of them are really for, but I suppose I'll learn how to use all of them later.
  3. Barbells. I have an eclectic collection. Some are vinyl coated, some are galvanized. I have a set of 1 lb weights, 2 lb weights, 5 lb weights, 10 lb weights, and an extra chipped up 10 lb weight that I'm not even sure where it came from. Most of these I've gathered from Walmart over the years.
  4. A jump rope. I really wanted a plastic speed rope, but I only had a few dollars so I purchased a cheap $2 nylon rope from Walmart. After a few uses, I've realized that it will work for a short while, but it's awkward and not easy to use. Upgrading my jump rope is one of my rewards.
  5. A jingle coin belly dance scarf. I like to bellydance, what can I say? It's a great workout for the abs and thighs. I do it on occasion for fun, but since I like it so much I'm going to incorporate it into my normal routine. I'm just not going to let anyone watch me yet because the coins aren't the only thing that jiggles!
  6. Stretch bands. These look like gigantic rubber bands but they are very strong. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder the last time I played with them. I've never used them to actually work out.
  7. Balance ball. Mine is a large green one that I actually used when I was pregnant. I haven't used it since.
I re-located all of the exercise equipment in my office, where I spend the greater portion of my day. I installed Workrave on my computer to remind me (and sometimes force me!) to take a break. I intend to use these breaks to take care of "hard" housework and do some light exercise.

Some items I intend to purchase in the future are:
  1. Chin-up bar. I have a high doorway I would like to install one of these in. I have next to zero upper body strength and I think this would help.
  2. Yoga mat. My office has a carpeted cement floor, so the floor is much to hard to do exercises like crunches on. If the exercise requires putting any part of my body other than my hands and feet on the floor, it will have to wait until I can get a foam mat so I don't risk bruising.
  3. Pedometer. I have no clue how many steps I take each day, but I'm pretty sure it's no where near 10,000.
I do not have (and don't plan on getting):
  1. A treadmill, elliptical machine, bowflex, rowing machine, or [enter other single purpose machine here]. I had a treadmill in my office up until a few weeks ago. I gave it away. I found that it hurt my knees and ankles where running outside did not. All of these machines would take up too much room in my office. I'd rather have the open space for dancing.


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